Contemporary Ceramic Artists

Known as one of the most exciting young talents in the ceramics world, Tomoko Konno combines meticulous detail, bright colors, and movement in her work. Her work incorporates the technique of nerikomi, which involves layering bands of clay, giving the finished object a painterly feel. Konno lives and works in Tokoname, an ancient pottery town in Japan, and also spends time in Bali and Italy. Her work has been recognized internationally, including the 58th Premio Faenza in Italy.

Lei Xue

Ceramic artist Lei Xue uses the color blue to explore cultural identity and the influence of globalization. In Eastern culture, blue represents authenticity and sacrality. In her work, she explores life, rebirth, and the endless cycle of existence. Her work captures the breaking point of porcelain and the moment that the material becomes alive. Her pieces are a beautiful example of modern ceramics, provoking viewers to think about their own lives and how they relate to the world.

Charlotte Nielson

Charlotte Nielson, ceramic artist, uses industrial and rustic elements in her work. While most ceramic artists focus on organic shapes, Nielson uses industrial forms and paints them in rusty grey. Her ceramics balance minimalism with industrialism and are both beautiful and unique. Her work has garnered acclaim for its beauty, and is a great example of the power of clay to express emotion and feelings.

Ilias Christopoulos

Born in 1976, Ilias Christopoulos is a well-known Greek ceramic artist. He studied under the guidance of Iro-Myrto Maganari and Saimon Hill. Christopoulos is a member of the Greek Academy of Fine Arts and the International Academy of Ceramics. He has been exhibiting his works since 1998 and has participated in more than thirty group exhibitions in Greece and abroad. He has created works for the Anetopoulos Museum in Volos and is currently based in Paris.

Kimiyo Mishima

A contemporary Japanese artist, Kimiyo Mishima is best known for her realistic ceramic reproductions of breakable printed matter. Mishima began her career as a painter in the early 1960s before transitioning to ceramics in 1971. Her work often includes ceramics reproductions of a variety of popular images. Her work is a unique mix of realism and wit. Read on to learn more about her work.

Christopher David White

Ceramic artist Christopher David White creates beautiful sculptures that resemble wood. He manipulates clay in such a way that it looks like distorted artifacts. The artist is interested in the relationship between humans and nature, and his work explores this theme. His work is often reminiscent of petrified wood and nature, but his creations are made entirely of clay. To understand his creative process, you should view his artwork.